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Celeste Greene

Greetings! My name is Celeste and I am on a mission to grow each of us in our capacity to have fun and experience joy and wellness in our lives. I share Laughter Yoga with individuals and groups who want to experience more happiness and improve their ability to laugh often and from the heart. 

Learn more about my laughter journey. 

Ways to Laugh with Celeste

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Laughter Club and Online Laughter Session

I offer two free online Laughter Clubs on Zoom every  week. Want a quick Laughter Yoga session on your own terms? Book an online Laughter Blast session for you or your group at the date and time of your choice. 


Learn to Lead Laughter Yoga Sessions

You can learn to teach Laughter Yoga online! Whether you want to integrate laughter into your current work, get paid to laugh, or simply enjoy light-hearted laughter and learning, join the fun!

Rock Your Conference

Presentations that Rock Your Event

If you’re looking for a highly interactive experience that is sure to include lots of laughter and leave participants feeling energized and inspired, then you’ve got to get in touch! 


Want a Taste?

Try My Free Laughter Classes

Please join me for my free laughter yoga classes on Zoom and laugh for the HEALTH of it!  Sign up and you’ll get an email with all of the information about how to login into the Zoom session, along with helpful tips for how to get the most out of the session.  

Laugh When You Want


Book An ONline Laughter SESSION

While my free laughter classes are terrific, there are certain times when you would like to schedule a session alone or with your group, at a time that works for you. You can book a Laughter Blast session on by clicking the button below. Get ready for your laughter blast off! 

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