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10 Unique Virtual Team Building Activities to Engage Remote Workers

Looking for creative team building activities that will engage your remote team? There are a variety of unique ways to keep teams engaged — even while working virtually. I scoured the internet for creative virtual team building activities for your remote team. Read on for my top 10 activities. Whether it’s a game show or songwriting experience or laughter yoga, I hope this list will help you find a unique experience that your remote team will enjoy.


Improv Team Collaboration Workshop

Part of a creative team environment is providing stimulation and new settings in which to gather and generate new ideas. In this workshop improv actors will teach simple, effective ways you can prepare yourself to be mentally (and physically) ready to be creative in virtual team discussions and brainstorms. Get ready to laugh, learn and share new ideas and practical techniques in this interactive, fast-paced virtual team-building workshop!


Amazing Cyberspace Race

The Amazing Cyberspace team building event brings the fun of a globetrotting adventure to virtual teams in their own home or office. Using the Zoom Platform, your teams receive a series of clues that point teams around the world. Teams will race against one another to solve clues that take you across the world. Using Google Maps, teams explore famous cities & landmarks as they compete in challenges and answer location-specific questions.


Find Your Chorus – A Live Songwriting Experience

Every team needs a theme song! Now your team can experience the unique joy of composing your very own. During this event, you’ll learn what makes a hit song and how to create your own, focusing on clarity of message, repetition, and other tools. As a team, you’ll write lyrics, make artistic decisions and jam along with your incredibly talented host as he writes your song. Get songwriting!


Succulent Planting Workshop and Delivery

A succulent specialist will walk you through the steps on creating an arrangement and share tips on how to help your plants thrive. Each participant will receive a planting kit shipped to them directly. The planting kit includes a planter, 3 succulents (2.5″ each), potting soil, rock toppings​, and a decorative wooden garden pick. Grow your team with succulent planting.


Connect Through Laughter Yoga

Looking for a truly unique experience that will leave teams connected and feeling great together? Engage your group in an interactive online Laughter Yoga session! This unique form of exercise is sure to get groups on their feet laughing, playing, and having fun with each other. Your session will include a gentle warm-up, laughter exercises that will help you get in touch with your playful spirit and laugh without inhibition, breath work, free-flowing laughter, guided relaxation, and time for sharing. Schedule your online laughter yoga session.


Kombucha Brewing

Learn how to make this popular fermented beverage in your own kitchen! A brewer will teach a virtual kombucha workshop with a hands-on brewing activity. The brewer will cover the history of kombucha, its health benefits, and how to safely brew at home. You will learn everything you need to know to successfully make kombucha at home. A kombucha kit will be shipped to your home that Each contains a brewing vessel, bottling vessel, tea, sugar, SCOBY (kombucha organism), starter liquid, cloth cover, illustrated instructions, and kombucha art.


Interactive Magic Show

Kevin is an award winning magician, mentalist, and illusionist who blends genres of magic and sleight of hand with storytelling, music, and comedy to create unforgettable moments of wonder. This event is equally perfect for those who want to participate in creating magic, and for those who like to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun. There is also a “mystery package” option with mystery kits can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. Make magic with your team.


Artwork for Charity Waterworks Event

You can still make a huge difference in other people’s lives — even while working from home. Your group will sponsor household water filters to provide clean water for families in Uganda. Your group will split into teams and each team create artwork to decorate their filtration system. When the artwork is complete the teams gather together the virtual main room where they will show off their artwork with presentations. After the event the artwork is digitally sent the to the charity partners in Uganda, who print the artwork on large stickers. Each artwork sticker is placed on a donated household water filtration system that is assembled and delivered in the villages. Once a family receives their filtration system they take a picture with your artwork so you can see exactly who received your donation!


Game Show Extravaganza

Game Show Extravaganza is a high-energy team building activity that is available anywhere, any time, and for any group size. In this brain-boggling activity, your group will compete against other teams to answer trivia questions in a variety of categories such as pop culture, sports and world history.


Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are web-based escape rooms conducted via Zoom and other platforms. During these activities, teams solve riddles and complete puzzles in a fixed amount of time, with a goal of “escaping the room.” There are all kinds of escape rooms, like this one for instance where teams compete to Alpha Centauri.

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