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6 Reasons Why as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher I Love Online Laughter Yoga Sessions.

Are you a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader or Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher who has not yet run an online session? Are you an organization considering whether you should do a virtual Laughter Yoga session? This article outlines six reasons why Laughter Yoga can be even better online for Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders and their clients.

First, it’s easy. You click a button and voila, you’re there! As a Laughter Yoga Leader there’s no travel time from gig to gig so you can do more sessions in a day.

It’s less expensive. Without having to purchase hotel stays, airfare, and meals you can charge more for your session. It’s less expensive for the client because they are not reimbursing for these extra costs.

You can do work internationally without leaving your home. Can you imagine delivering a Laughter Yoga presentation to Google, Apple, or LinkedIn? As the client, you can connect employees from all over the globe with the click of a button. The opportunity is amazing.

Why Online Laughter Yoga is Better for Clients

Employees are more at ease in their home. Employees feel right at home as they engage in the Laughter Yoga practice. If they need to take a break, they can always sit out a Laughter Yoga exercise or turn off the camera.

More people can join. Your client can invite as many people as they like. Since more people can join, it’s a great value as the cost per head decreases.

Clients are limited to your geographic area when it comes to finding Laughter Yoga talent. I hope you’ll laugh with me, but now thanks to the magic of virtual Laughter Yoga sessions, your clients can even laugh with the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria. The sky is the limit!

As a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader you’ve got to ask yourself what makes you unique at an international level? Communicate your uniqe value and your selling points.

What are the opportunities online with Laughter Yoga?

Many companies are implementing a fully remote or hybrid workplace.

Remote work is not a new concept, but since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s taken a massive leap forward. The past year has been an incredible experiment in remote work, and that experiment has yielded some very real and surprising benefits to companies that have embraced it.

Productivity has long been the top concern of many companies as they considered flexible working options. Over the past year, many companies have found the flexible working options actually improved their team’s productivity. One Gartner study showed that when employees are given the flexibility to choose when and where they work, the percentage of top performers rose by 19 points to 55%. That means a majority of the employees at remote companies are top performers!

For these reasons and more, the remote work trend is not going anywhere soon. According to a Gartner study, seventy-four percent of surveyed companies plan to institute some form of remote work for their employees on a permanent basis. In addition to the right communication and collaboration tools, successful remote work requires the successful cultivation of your company culture. There are even sites like Offsyte devoted to remote shared experiences.

Laughter Yoga works in a Hybrid Workplace

As companies plan for their next phase of work, many will likely implement both a remote and physical workplace, or what we’re calling a hybrid workplace. A hybrid workplace provides employees the ability to choose day-to-day where they would like to work. Some employees can work remote full time while others will be in a physical office bright and early each day. But both groups have the flexibility to change their working location based on their schedules, projects, or needs of the day.

Allowing employees to tailor their workplace to their needs can have a dramatic impact on productivity. A study conducted by Envoy that surveyed 1000 full and part-time employees in the US found that a whopping ninety-four percent would like to still be in the office at least once a week. Physical and remote workplaces both have their place, and a hybrid workplace allows your team to choose the environment that best suits their needs and work.

The hybrid workplace is not without its challenges. The top three concerns about the hybrid workplace are concern over others coming to work sick, not being able to see friends and teammates as often, and missing out on birthdays, activities, and other events that can build and maintain culture. Zoom works well for hybrid Laughter Yoga sessions where some users are online and others are present physically together.

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