Here’s Why It’s Easier than You Think to Train Your Staff in Fun-Based Fitness

Activity and Engagement Directors in senior living communities are busy.

They have a lot of responsibilities, including the requirement to provide exercise sessions for residents. Unfortunately, this can take a backseat to other priorities.

Moving ahead without ongoing education is no solution for your staff, residents or business. But adding to your physical activity programming can be a challenge, given limitations we all have with time and resources.

That’s why LaughActive’s training content is broken up into snackable bites. Your staff members can learn at their own pace, without taking them away from their other duties.

LaughActive’s training takes just 16 hours to complete. It’s video-based, so it’s fun and engaging for each staff member — which is a key component of how LaughActive is successful with residents, too. (If it seems like a burden, it’s not going to work!)

Here’s how to engage your people

Your activities team. The folks who provide daily exercise classes for residents tend to be incredibly dedicated to improving residents’ lives and sense of wellbeing. They want to find enriching experiences and better programming opportunities.

But they often feel overworked, without the resources they need to do the best job possible.

Our LaughActive Exercise Instructor Training Program provides tools and resources so they can create the kind of programming that’s just right for your residents.

Qualified fitness staff. You might have a qualified fitness team on-site, or contract with one. If so, you can empower them with something extra and unique to reach even more of your people.

Also, the LaughActive training will give your “non-exercise” staff the skills they need to lead safe and effective exercise classes. So you’re boosting the impact of your staff resources.

Key to this is LaughActive’s secret weapon: Fun. The LaughActive Laughter Exercise Instructor Training Program shows your team how to build enjoyment into exercise programs — and why it’s so important.

Supportive Clinical Staff. Other members of your team can help meet your residents’ regular need for physical activity. It’s important to involve people like your therapy and nursing staff — especially if your facility lacks fitness staff or an independent living component.

This can be instrumental in keeping residents moving and maintaining the positive results that they gained in therapy.

The LaughActive Laughter Exercise Instructor Training Program adds an element that will motivate residents to stay engaged, by incorporating laughter and the good feelings it brings into your exercise programming.

Your caring and dedicated team is your best resource to helping residents meet their physical activity goals. They have a rapport with residents, know their unique needs, and can monitor progress on a steady basis.

Why not give them the training and skills they need to bring the best support possible to your residents and your business?


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